Last night, I went to the Sounders game with some friends. Though I always end up bored out of my mind watching football, baseball, hockey, volleyball, basketball or really any other organized sporting match, I hoped that soccer would somehow be different. Unfortunately it was no exception, and I sipped on a precious $11 beer, zoning out and day-dreaming about what I was gonna do afterwards when suddenly I remembered that later on the Rendezvous was hosting their first all-ages show! I managed to drag my friends over after the game, and was stoked to walk out of a stadium full of 60,000 screaming green-and-blue-clad soccer fans and into a room of 19 mellow kids sprawled across the floor and watching Calvin Johnson's band, the Hive Dwellers. If you've never seen Calvin Johnson dance, it looks something like this:


or this:

and this:

Even thought there was a grand total of two wristbanded all-ages kids in attendance, it was chock full of Olympia living-room show vibes. Rendezvous booker Nathan Chambers (I have been told a few times that they are called "talent buyers" but I can never bring myself to use that term) told me they might try and make Sundays an all-ages day at the club. Witch Gardens were the perfect follow-up for the Hive Dwellers, and played their set of twee-pop masterpieces and they make me wish I owned an auto-harp. Twee: 1, Soccer: 0