On Wednesday, I listed my 10 favorite songs from Seattle/LA label Light in the Attic’s sprawling catalog. The hate mail continues to roll in. today I follow up with my top-10 albums bearing the LITA logo. This was not an easy task, but for you, Line Out reader, I go the extra kilometer. So, with further ado, here is my controversial LITA pantheon. Tear it apart and list your own faves in comments.

01 Serge Gainsbourg- Histoire de Melody Nelson

02 Rodriguez- Cold Fact

03 Various Artists- Country Funk

04 The Last Poets- The Last Poets/This Is Madness

05 Monks- Black Monk Time

06 Michael Chapman- Rainmaker

07 Betty Davis- Betty Davis

08 Jim Sullivan- U.F.O.

09 Thin Lizzy- Thin Lizzy

10 Kool and Together- Kool and Together