This morning I was dutifully reading the blogs about all the soporific synth pop that everyone but me loves right now, so naturally I came to the Drowned in Sound feature on Bat For Lashes. I was particularly interested because their new album cover is some Ryan McGinley photography, and that dude is an artistic God among mortals. Anyway, at some point in the talk Bat For Lashes (I guess that's her name now) mentions English compatriots Savages as a band refusing to compromise. I bit, and I'm glad I did. I thought I'd share:

I'm getting subtle hints of Mogwai with vocals, a taste of early ’80s U2—before they were replaced by robots—some real Manchester/Factory notes, and a whole mouthful of HELL YEAH THIS IS AWESOME.

Buy their live EP on Topspin or iTunes for three whole "Great" British Pounds, swish it around in your mp3 player and have a nice day. You're welcome.