Computers x Drugs is Keyboard Kid's latest 8-bit orchestration featuring Nintendo-hop crashing into industrialized techno. I listened to it this morning and the first thing I noticed (besides my own NES and SEGA Genesis flashback) was the distinct difference in how Keyboard Kid sounds on this album compared to his last few. If you follow the artists imprint you can hear how just this year he's gone from shimmery smooth electro-screwed Based Treasure, to the doped up Digital Blunts, way off into euro-club chip-funk with his skweee effort The Transition on British label Donky Pitch (my personal fave from him in the last year), to Based Soul which blesses the listener with hiphop samples at the church of swag.

In based world, where beats are currency, positivity is oxygen, and music a way of life, variations on the theme have been a good philosophy for Keyboard Kid to have. Being one of the principal architects of the genre has placed the Keyboard Kid in a limelight and landed him work with the likes of Lil B (thanks due in part to Keyboard Kid, Obama Based God is sitting at the top of my hiphop-albums-I-can't-stop-listening-to pile), Himanshu Suri, and Kool AD (Das Racist), and has people all over the world paying positive attention to your town.

Throw in several mixtapes for cloud zines like Fader, Mixmag, and Last Night's Mixtape and arrive here; at Computers x Drugs, where the ominous, almost threatening soundtracks to the dreams of out-of-work industrial rockers meet the rebirth of 8-bit beats, a concept so outlandish it could only possibly work in the based world. Uniquely approachable as always, Keyboard Kid's efforts usually come cheap, and this time you can re-up on Computers x Drugs for five bucks (or more, if you like) over on his Bandcamp.

Keyboard Kid will be at City Arts Festival (doing his live thing with Darwin, which is not to be missed) with Ghostland Observatory, SPORTS, and Gold Fields on Friday Oct 19th at the Showbox SoDo.