With a feed of the presidential debate flashing behind them, Faust played another set at the Comet that came off like a slight remix of their Monday night performance—which was astounding. We got the rocks in the cement mixer percussive effect, the chainsaw throwing sparks in the large barrel, more chainsaw tearing through a hand-painted Styrofoam board (sending flakes everywhere again, flakes that will take months to clean from the Comet’s curtains and equipment), and another batch of classic Faust tracks—“Mamie Is Blue,” “Meadow Meal,” “Krautrock,” “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl”— played with insouciant brio. It was cool of Faust to add “Munic/Yesterday” from 71 Minutes of Faust to the repertoire and lovely to see drummer Zappi march around the club while ratatat-ing a snare held by keyboardist Geraldine Swayne for the intro to "En Veux - Tu Des Effets, En Voilà." [See video after the jump.]

One thing hardly anyone talks about when they talk about Faust is how utterly groovy and tensile some of their bass lines are. It’s time we recognized Jean-Hervé Péron as an übermensch on the instrument. The other thing that needs to be said is that “Krautrock” is one of the most powerful and transcendent songs ever—surf rock in which lava replaces water as sonic inspiration.

The main difference Tuesday night was Midday Veil/Hair and Space Museum members Emily Pothast and David Golightly’s altered-reality filtering of the Obama-Romney debate. They colorized and solarized the town-hall meeting with garish hues that vibrated with sarcastic vigor and made this “important” event look like an absurd charade. [Insert obligatory "women in binders" joke here.]

While Tuesday night's show didn't hit me with the mighty impact of Monday's, it was another thrilling trawl through the absurdist splendor and splatter of rock mavericks still thrashing hard after 42 years in the game.