(Funhouse) Not to be confused with the bourgeois Belltown salon, Dreamsalon is the new project of Matthew Ford, Min Yee, and Craig Chambers, Seattle art-punk veterans who have expatriated from acts like the A Frames, the Intelligence, and the Lights. All members also get weird in Evening Meetings with ex–A Framer Erin Sullivan, and as Dreamsalon have been playing some material live from their new debut LP on Sweet Rot Records. Dreamsalon put the lo-fi frosting on the post-punk death cake, with pop melodies and ramshackle finesse à la Flying Nun Records types like the Clean. This cake is one of the artiest, noisiest, and punkiest baked goods around, and must have been baked in the Dead Moon's graveyard with a big slab of garagey pop. Tonight marks the return home for the band from their first West Coast tour.