Jarv Dee & Parker Joe made "Cadillac Spaceships" during The Factory, the ambitious scene-wide collaboration orchestrated by the Members Only label one year ago; The Factory teamed up a couple dozen willing participants from the local hiphop scene, who had to come up with an original song and perform it at the event. Being that it involved a bunch of rappers having to get their shit together and work with people they'd never worked with before, in a space plagued with live sound problems, it was naturally kind of a shit-show, but nonetheless highly entertaining. "Cadillac Spaceships" is one of the best cuts to emerge from the event, with SOTA's Parker Joe providing the hyphy/snap-rap beat and the backbone of the memorable hook, and Jarv Dee murdering the rest with his unmistakable voice. It's a fun hiphop Marvel Team Up that captures some of that "hey, just kickin' it in space" vibe that we love out here in the 6.

Raz & Sam Lachow's "Money" focuses on the rapper (just Raz here) plotting to get just that—as the story progresses, he goes from "a gun runner to a d-boy who found out that he could pimp." First he sold guns to "the white boys that thought they were black" (a booming trade, I'd imagine), then he was buying Oxtcontins "for the Shawn Kemp" AKA $40 a pill.