Local artist Jo David uploaded this video to Vimeo nearly a year ago. It's overflowing with black and white memories of Seattle's punker yesterdays, I can't believe I missed it.

From Punks: A Guide to an American Subculture:

"Though its official capacity was 99, on any given night many more packed into the dark, narrow, warehouse-like space with a makeshift stage and a secondhand PA system. Local punk bands, the Mentors, Red Dress, and the Enemy played the Bird, as did the Dils, and the Zeros, from California. After fire marshals closed the first Bird (a common fate of many punk clubs), a second version was opened on Capitol Hill, at the spot that later became The Century Ballroom."

From LOSER: The Real Seattle Music Story:

"Graphic designer Art Chantry later speculated that 'the entire audience on opening night eventually formed their own bands.'"

Jo David was shooting black and white video that night. And thank the heavens he was.