Depressed Mode: Depeche Mode have announced they will tour Europe and North America mid-2013 in support of their new album coming out next Spring.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The two remaining jailed members of Pussy Riot are sent to prison camps to serve out the remainder of their sentences until March 2014.

The Moz Loves His Mom: Due to his mother's sudden illness, Morrissey has postponed four of his U.S. dates to be by her side. Don't worry, Seattle you're all good.

Have a Heart...I Mean Kidney: Rapper, P.O.S. must cancel his upcoming fall tour on account of his kidney's slow decline. He is asking for his fans financial support and, if you've got one you're not using, a kidney.

Get Your Laws Off My IP Address!: Lobbyists are attempting to turn you into an information highway leper, if you are of the "illegal download" persuasion.

Vote for Seattle Artists!: The Seattle Times is compiling a list of the 13 most notable artists and arts administrators in the Seattle region: 13 for '13! Enter your suggestions here!

Father Knows Best: Lindsay Lohan's father accuses her of hanging out with drug addicts and alcoholics, tries to stage intervention only to have the cops called on him. Being a celebrity must tough.