Vacant Seatown: Ever wonder what our fair city would look like time-lapsed and completely devoid of human existence? Director Ross Ching compiled and edited this interesting video, Empty America: Seattle.

Bleed That Punk Turnip: CBS digs deep in order to appeal to 20-somethings, buying the rights to a new sitcom that will make you silently vomit, entitled Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Spontaneously Combustible Mobility: Touring is a fun adventure when you're a musician, except for those few incidents where things catch fire, much like Shadows Fall/God Forbid's Tour bus.

Wedding Bells Sell: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel's wedding photos sold to a select number of magazines for a gross sum of $300,000, which will probably only cover the caterer's expense.

Rocking Under the Influence: Guitar built from a whiskey barrel being auctioned via Ebay, all funds donated to the Confluence Project. Check it out!

Sweet Benefit O' Mine: A feeble voiced Axl Rose donated his time to Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit, giving what he could, despite strep throat.