Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard loves to run for long distances. He also loves to listen to music as he runs and runs. The A.V. Club has a post about the music Gibbard likes to listen to while running. Two local acts make his list: Fresh Espresso and Erik Blood. The track he digs by Fresh Espresso is the Northwest classic "The Lazerbeams." As for Erik Blood, he digs “Today’s Lover” in particular, and holds a very high opinion of the album Touch Screens.

That’s my favorite record of the year so far. It has that really disco krautrock vibe. It does the same thing that the Spiritualized track does. It’s so propulsive. It just moves forward. There’s nothing about that song that’s looking backward at all. That record is a great. It’s a whole concept record about pornography. It’s awesome, and that song is my favorite on there.

2012 is Blood's year.