Hey everybody, I'm about to relate music to the weather! NO ONE has ever done that before. Just kidding! People do it all the time. You know why? CAUSE IT WORKS. So then, now that it's guaranteed to be depressing, wet, and cold out for the rest of our lives again, it's time for me to remind you of one of the best records of the last few years, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death's Some of Us Are in This Together. Now maybe, like me, you didn't pay attention to ToLSAD because of their ridiculously long name. If you're still doing that, you're making a mistake. Such loneliness and desolation in the guitar lines, the lyrics! This is music for this season. SWIM IN IT. Evidence A:

But that was then, and now Spencer Moody lives in Los Angeles. Things are on hold. Thankfully Mr. Moody left some things before he departed:

Early Worms is Mongrel Blood as Moody and Cameron Elliott (the Western States, Battle Hymns) and their early recordings, before Eric Fisher (Constant Lovers, Damien Jurado) joined them on drums. New versions of these songs with Fisher in the mix are slated for the band's forthcoming Tres Gatos. Whoever releases this record will be a wise person/label. Lyric of the recording: "I just want to rid the world of demon liquor/One airplane bottle at a time."

Elsewhere, and more recently, ToLSAD guitar jammer and all-around good-mannered Corey J. Brewer has presented some downrightouthere yellow-and-and-orange leaved beguilement, the blessedly titled Lysergenius/Alchemisanthropist. Hell, the first song is called "November." This stuff is still spiraling itself into my earholes and wrapping itself around my brain several days after first listen. Check the cover of Shabazz Palaces' "Barksdale Corners."

Brewer comes off sounding somewhere in between Calvin Johnson and Morrissey, apparently how he sounds when he's not dropping his vocal cords in a blender with ToLSAD or Cold Lake.

As an added magical bonus, Brewer recently informed me that "Triumph has a whole year's worth of songs/improvisations recorded that I'm currently combing through for what will be our next record," but not to hold my breath, because "It's going to be a while."