The B-Boys, at the height of their Def Jam, Licensed To Ill-era ignorance, sloppily perform "Fight For Your Right", with some offensive rewrites—be warned, it's heavy on the "suck my dick", though "fag" and, uh, "oriental pussy" make some notable appearances. Yikes. (Bonus Batter: Run-DMC meet the "King Of Chinese Rap". What is this, Laurel & Hardy?)

I found this while browsing through Byron Crawford's site looking for my current favorite thing to see—Rap Genius slander. The online cornball's #1 rap lyrics decoder-ring, Rap Genius (a site which Das Racist's Kool A.D. once famously decried as "white devil sophistry"), in addition to being funded by big-time Romney supporters, are carrying the torch for the clueless post-2000s generation of entitled dickbags who fashion themselves hiphop experts. Needless to say, I love seeing rap bloggers I actually respect, like Noz and Unkut (who upped the video above), go in on them—but I digress.