• Radjaw
Crypts have returned from tour mobility and have a show tonight at Chop Suey with Ononos, Haunted Horses, and Battle Stations. Crypts’ tour manager Radjaw dispatched the following notes from the road.

San Diego: We smoked DMT and smeared blood onto ourselves. A big Mexican guy kept screaming at Steve the whole set and calling him a faggot. It got heated and slightly physical. Steve gave him the mic and started throwing saliva at him. He swung the mic at Steve. I grabbed him around his head and security threw him out. He bitched and moaned at us the whole time we loaded out. When he asked Omar Rodriguez Lopez for a signature, Omar signed his name then scribbled it out while saying very evil things in Spanish.

Did the DMT make u feel like you were on a tropical beach?

Yes. Nick entered into a geometric world of shapes. 3D hexagons and tetrahedron spheres.

Describe the beach. Was Steve nude?

There was no beach. Steve didn't do it. He watched.

Sacramento: Palm trees and too many BP gas stations. Weird futuristic bar with dining tables and red swirly walls. It tried, yet lacked of Clockwork Orange nostalgia. Nick came out with his modular thing. I had to wake up the sound engineer to let him know the show was starting. I asked him to cut the house music and kill the lights. It took him a good five minutes into Nick’s set to understand what was going on. We went back and forth about the lights -

Me: "Can we have it all dark the whole time? We will make our own lights."

Sound Man: "You got it, no problem."

Me: "Why do you keeping putting lights on when I asked you not to?"

Sound Man: "Cause it looks bad ass!"

The fire alarms went off because of all the smoke, right when song 4 was over. Sound broke down too, to peace, quiet, and confusion. People weren't sure if it was part of the act or a legitimate problem. Weed smoke filled the air and people seemed anxious for more music. Now Crypts could do no wrong and the crowd was hyped. Yet they only seemed to buy Omar Rodriguez Lopez merch.

Santa Ana: Macklemore played upstairs and we played downstairs. 1200 kids lined up outside and every single one ran past our soundcheck in pure jubilation. Disregarding the neo goth sounds of Crypts.

Los Angeles: We got four free joints. Chelsea Wolfe and Ben gave us a 20 sack. Security guard gave us his joint.