· Dan Deacon played at the Neptune last Saturday. His interactive brand of "Let's make a human tunnel!" and "Now we're running around the block!" show bordered on almost 100 percent audience participation, which is unheard of in this town! Deacon and the gang also have a new app that makes it possible to sync up all the KoolPhones (SmartPhones, FancyFones, iPodPhones, etc.) in the room, making a unified light source that changes screen colors according to sounds—at one point, the screens went dark and everyone's flash went off, DIY-strobe style. Deacon, in KISS makeup, said, "We were trying to look like KISS, but now we just look like juggalos."

· Former Seattle-based author/musician Pat Thomas recently received an enthusiastic thumbs-up for his book Listen, Whitey! The Sights and Sounds of Black Power 1965–1975 from ex–Sex Pistol/current Public Image Ltd. frontgeezer John Lydon. Thomas is now living in Los Angeles, where he's working on a book about Yippie activist Jerry Rubin. Lydon now does television adverts for Country Life butter.

· In case you're not up on your Lil Wayne news (for SHAME), last Thursday Weezy's private jet made an emergency landing in Texas and he was rushed to a local hospital. His management subsequently released a statement claiming that the rapper had suffered from "a severe migraine and dehydration." Cough syrup ≠ water, Wayne.

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