Via Stereogum

My Bloody Valentine genius Kevin Shields told NME that his band will issue the loooooong-awaited follow-up to their paradigm-shifting 1991 classic Loveless before 2012 expires. The shoegaze-rock deity also hinted that an EP of even newer material will materialize in 2013. We've been promised new MBV music so often and for so long that I, for one, have built up a near-impenetrable shield (rimshot) of skepticism toward any such announcements. But I'm holding out a sliver of hope—well, it worked for Obama.

Of the as-yet-untitled album, Shields says, "[S]ome people think it’s stranger than Loveless. I don’t. I feel like it really frees us up, and in the bigger picture it’s 100% necessary.” Representatives for the bigger picture concur with this statement.

Also, MBV will be headlining Japan’s Tokyo Rocks festival in May 2013.