MV&EE's set Saturday at Cairo was, I'm going to guess, a blissful, alpha-wave-flowing antithesis to Neil Young & Crazy Horse's concert at KeyArena the same night. Sure, there are some Young-ian melodic and vocal elements to MV&EE's type-B-personality, back-porch astral jams, but overall, this Vermont husband/wife duo (Matt Valentine and Erika Elder) plant their roots in the stars and etherealize folk, blues, and rock till they practically disperse into that state right before nothingness. Neil's music's strictly meat and potatoes (organically grown, but still) in comparison.

The song above, "Environments," was the MV&EE show's highlight. It's a live staple for the pair, their equivalent of the Grateful Dead's "Space" excursions. EE coaxed the sublime tabletop guitar shivers and MV turned his banjo into a sitar (banjar?), and the two sounds entwined and coalesced into one of the deepest inner-space journeys I've taken this year.