Even though Ensemble Economique sadly dropped off the bill, tonight's show at Rendezvous offers plenty of deep, exploratory musical adventures. Local psych-rock magi Midday Veil continue to improve as they go along and expand membership, making each show a must-see event. California's Warm Climate—featuring Sun Araw collaborator M. Geddes Gengras—are one of the few contemporary bands doing interesting things with prog rock. Check out a lot of their music on their Soundcloud. Seattle's four-piece Hekate—led by Micaela Tobin and Ambrosia Bartosek—describe themselves as "femme fatale stoner doom," and that phrase cannot be improved upon—believe me, I've tried. Everett's Marcus Price is a psych loner genius whose music makes me want to go to Everett for the first time ever and find out what his magical secret is.

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