Vox Mod (Scot Porter) hath dropped Capsule, a free 22-track collection of sonic odds and ends, Selected Transient Works, from 2004 to 2009. The look back rings forward with icy momentum. It looks out, from some form of anime craft getting toward, vectored, heading at crisscrossed horizon lines. You’re a droid, going to meet another droid for bubble tea, and to read Hungarian erotica out loud, in your droided voices. Scot spoke, in English.

Roland equipment is happing here, isn’t it? Tell me of the Roland.

Yes. A Roland MC-909, and a Korg EMX. Then I sampled and edited the sequences in Acid 2.0.

Were you reading Hungarian erotica while you made this, at any point?

At that time I was reading The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. It’s sort of like Hungarian erotica? [Laughs]

Describe thoughts that transpired during the construction of these tracks.

I was thinking a lot about life and what the hell I was doing. I was in the midst of an existential crisis while trying to stay positive and seek beauty. There were times I wanted to burn my passport and disappear into the European wilderness.

Where were you? Tell me you were in Hungary.

I was trying to live in Prague. Spent a good portion of time on Petrin Hill by myself reading and wandering in the rose garden.

What were you going for, with the track “Heart and All (Viscera)” ?

The song and others I wrote at that time were about seeking transformation. I got the track to a comfortable spot, but it never filled out the way I thought it would. It was originally supposed to have vocals. But now, after the time that's passed, I like the way it feels, as is.

What do you listen for when you are mixing?

I like to make sure I'm pushing the limits of frequencies without them distorting in what's unnatural for that song. I also like to listen for subtle nuances or compounded sounds from combined layers.

Vox Mod plays Wednesday, Nov. 21 at Triple Door with Brent Amaker and the Rodeo and Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground.