This is the most inspirational information I've received today: Shuggie Otis—composer of the psych-soul classic "Strawberry Letter 23" (covered extremely well by the Brothers Johnson) and many other gems—is playing Triple Door April 23 and 24, 2013. I can wait, but it's not gonna be easy. This dude is so badass, he turned down an offer to play guitar with the Rolling Stones in 1974. This dude is so badass, he was playing guitar with his father, R&B star Johnny Otis, at age 13. Shuggie's facility with blues idioms, his light-fingered soulfulness, and his preternaturally beautiful melodic sense have made him a true cult hero.

This booking is so major. Many heads probably had given up hope of ever seeing the reclusive Otis live, although there is footage on YouTube of him playing with Mos Def a few years ago. Tickets for these shows ($30) go on sale Nov. 15 at 10 am. I can wait, but it's going to be a struggle.