I was hella planning on going to the Japandroids show tonight at Neumos, because Japandroids murder—and because I've spent most of the year in love with "Searching Through The Past" by Bleached, who are on tour with them. I heard "Searching Through The Past" on KEXP (wassup Sharlese) and bought the 7-inch later that night. On the internet. Oh, I mean business. The song's just a simple pleasure: a wistful bring-it-on-back-type jam done in a sweet and twangy (sounds like a sauce) early-80's girl group style that's a weakness for the kid:

But apparently I have some party to go to, which is great and all but damn it, I wanted to go. Bleached's Jennifer and Jessica Clavin (any relation to Cliff?) might be my favorite rock n' roll sisters since the Deals—or at least the only ones I now about right now. I was already completely late to the dance on their old band, prolific post-punkers Mika Miko ("fantastic"—Eric Grandy), not getting hip til well after their breakup—and We Be Xuxa (so many points for naming an album after her) gets mad play in my proverbial ride; "Turkey Sandwich" always turns the party out.

Overall, I guess I'll live. I did see Bleached once already at the Tractor back in February, playing for maybe a couple dozen or so mostly non-moving stiffs. Don't be that person. A Japandroids crowd might be a little less precious than all that and be there to dance. Be that person!