(Triple Door) Brent Amaker and the Rodeo are elegant tough guys, a country-noir band as imagined in manga. (No fooling: Their webpage has ink drawings of Edo-era Japanese buildings around its borders.) They dress all in black, claim Devo as an inspiration, and sing Kraftwerk covers—but while their style is affected, it's in no way effete. If their public personae give any clues, they value their whiskey and weed, and the singer has a voice that has the growly, talking-song quality of Johnny Cash. Quality country music has a closer kinship with punk rock than maudlin alt-country crooners. These boys are from the more interesting side of the family. They're joined by the gorgeous, multi-instrumentalist pop-psychonauts Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground; let's hope their next bill pairs them with a local hiphop band like Don't Talk to the Cops!