All Dogs Go To Heaven: Fiona Apple has cancelled a string of tour dates by issuing a hand written letter stating she will be with her ill pooch, Janet in her last of days. Keep your chin up, Miss Apple.

White for Black Friday: For the kitschy collector or frazzled friend of a musician, Jack White of the White Stripes brings you Third Man Novelties Lounge where anything from records, plastic figurines of an Airline guitar, and much more can be purchased and/or gifted.

We Like Pants Accidents: Pissed Jeans will be releasing their new album Honeys on Sub Pop this February! Listen to their new mp3 "Bathroom Laughter" here!

Slay Your Breakfast!: A pan fit for a Viking is now available from Combat Kitchenware. Get involved with their Kickstarter and impress your black metal friends.

Outta My Way, I'm a Motorist: Justin Beiber and Dude With a Video Camera have a curt conversation, hold up traffic, and piss off a section of L.A. The proof is in this annoying video.

The New Pop Queen Is...?: Rising to her 12th chart-topping single, Rihanna is giving Madonna and the Supremes a run for their money as far as Billboard Top 100 goes.

The Devil Keeps Me Cozy: Okay, this Slayer sweater is kinda fantastic but you can only find it in the UK! No love for the states, I see.