MOOR GANG is a crew of musicians, artists, and goons with membership stretching from Seattle to New York, best known for it's chief export and proponent Nacho Picasso, and for their crew-wide love of the finest trees; it also includes but by far is mot limited to Nacho's co-general Jarv Dee, Jerm D, Steezie Nasa, Gift Uh Gab, Thaddeus David, Cam The Mac, and Kris Kasanova. To sleep on them is to miss out one of the strongest, most relevant movements in the Town right now.

While it's Black Friday to some, to them it's MOOR Friday. New videos, releases and singles are dropping steadily today via their twitters and tumblrs and bandcamps.

Thaddeus David starts us off with a lil sum over the classic "Who Shot Ya", swaggin' in ice-cold style:

Jarv Dee gives us a new Harry Clean-lensed video for his nacho and Jerm-featured "Status", one of the best moments from his Dopamine album:

Lastly, three new albums from the gang: their Chief just dropped Been Chiefin, the Moors' First Lady Gift Uh Gab just let fly her awesomely-titled Queen La'Chiefa (featuring the jazzy shit-talk of her vintage sounding "Orange Skylines"), and Nacho Picasso himself just released Black Narcissus, a new Alive & Well-sponsored tape (you can get a physical version during their Black Friday sale) featuring beats from Raised By Wolves and Eric G. Peep that below: