Criminal Kid in Finland: A father refuses to pay 600 euros after anti-piracy authorities confiscate his nine-year-old daughter's laptop.

Surgery Rocks: Icelandic lovely, Björk, reveals she's recovering from laser treatment to her vocal chords after canceling tour dates earlier this year.

Oh, Canada!: Aggressive punk band White Lung cross the border, and are not to be missed. Save the date!

Doctor's Orders: Lil Wayne suffers from seizure-like symptoms, prompting a regimen of medication and skateboarding.

Bring Your Audio Lube: Do you snicker at dick and fart jokes? Remember Susan Boyle, Britain's Got Talent famed singer? She wants to invite you to "Su's Anal Bum Party".

Room for One: Due to tensions between imprisoned Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina and other inmates, a decision was made to stow her away in solitary confinement.