Asya and Chloe from Smoosh have formed a new ethereal-stomp two-piece called Chaos Chaos. Chloe drums and sings, Asya plays keys and sings. They play this Sunday, Dec. 2nd at the Crocodile for their first Seattle show ever, and Monday, Dec. 3rd they will be live on KEXP with John Richards at 9AM. Both girls are supra talented. Not many people know, but they each have uncanny juggling abilities. Like, they'll juggle anything, anywhere, anytime. Sometimes you have to ask them, "Please stop juggling." Chloe apparently juggles knives now. Don’t know if she will be doing this at the Croc. If not, she’ll be slicing it up on the drums. Chloe spoke. We did not talk about her juggling.

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your song “My Hands”?

Timbaland. Mountain isolation. Nighttime. Angelica, the Rug Rats character. A mouse that loved to interrupt our writing sessions. Moving to New York sparked the song. When I looked down at my hands they'd sizzle and spark a little. So weird. The transition from calm peaceful Sweden to crazy New York sparked a lot of energy in us.

Where did you write and record it? Who produced?

We wrote my hands in a cabin up in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. It was beautiful up there. Deer were seriously everywhere it was annoying. They'd come too close and try to steal our food. We recorded in New York at The Doghouse Studios. Nathan Rosenberg produced it. The sessions were great, somehow everyone in the studio randomly happened to be from Seattle. So we had that Seattle connection going on. We'd dance in the studio to get the right vibe going for the song. It was challenging in a way because we wanted to simplify all our ideas. Our main word for this song was simplify! We'd say it in the voice Harry potter says stupify!

What was it like up in the Pocono Mountains? Anything else besides deer? Wolves maybe?

One night while we were there Asy had already gone to bed and I was just about to fall asleep when I heard my hi hat cymbal make noises as if it were being moved. We were the ONLY ones in the cabin so I was like oh my god someone is stealing our equipment. I was sure of it. So I got 911 ready on my phone and grabbed a huge class plate from my room. I waited a couple seconds and then BAM! My whole cymbal falls over and makes a super loud crash. I have never been that scared. In the end I figured out that my mic stand fell into my cymbal, hence the first noise, and then my cymbal finally fell which was the second noise. Spooky right?

Chaos Chaos play this Sunday, December 2nd at the Crocodile and Monday Dec. 3rd on KEXP with John Richards at 9AM.

How did Chaos Chaos begin?

Chaos Chaos came about when we moved to New York. Asy and I decided to start new with music. Change our way of thinking about music. We realized we could do so much more with it if we wanted. We'd create challenges for each other in song writing, treat it like school, art and a business.

How is Chaos Chaos different from Smoosh?

Chaos Chaos is different than Smoosh because our style of music has changed and we try to be more risky. Which makes being in a band a lot more scary.

Your drumming is so good. Who are your favorite drummers?

Thanks! I’d say Jason McGerr, Questlove, and Timbaland's beats.

And your singing. Your voice has blossomed.

I've never sung lead vocals for anything, so the song “Antibiotics” was a big jump for me. Shower singing has helped, and warming up to Kate Bush songs.

What is that thing you're playing in your Tegan and Sara cover?

That thing! It's called a hang drum. It's my latest obsession. I saw this awesome percussion group called Perka Du play it and I asked them about it after the show. And I NEEDED that flying saucer thing. I'm playing it at the Crocodile show so come see it up close!

What's next for y'all?

We’re going to be recording for the rest of our time in Seattle. Next music video is coming out January or February, which will include a lot of Brooklyn and crazy patterned clothes. And then we're playing SXSW 2013.