It's true, I did... and I fucking hate John Denver.

Obvs, this ain't exactly any of his anal fissure inducing Top 40 singer songwriter malarky, but Denver was a hippie, so most likely at some point he ate some acid and was underground, man. Again, I fucking HATE John Denver. I was keenly aware of his Top 40 presence during the '70s, he was unavoidable... oh how I loathed him, but then to hear this song, this hippie ANTHEM! Well, shit, brother... it's GROOVY as a mofo, right fucking arm!!! HOWEVER, the organ filled version above is off Denver's 1970 album Take Me To Tomorrow, but it was originally recorded in 1968, natch, credited as by Denver, Boise & Johnson. "Take Me To Tomorrow" b/w "The '68 Nixon (This Years Model)," on Reprise, was the only commercial recording by that group. Denver, Boise & Johnson were folkies which evolved out of the Chad Mitchell Trio. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a clip of the original single version, but it's a bit more guitar led/West Coast sounding; both versions are equally as strong.