FRIDAY 11/30


If you would please to be so kindly to recall: Last week, I acknowledged that we've been spending a lot of time with Ben Delacreme lately, and I explained that (if I may quote me, and I may) "GOD DAMN RIGHT WE ARE." She is 45 flavors of too many damn good things. (Every show is a winner! Every appearance a sparkling gem!) And this will hold true this week, too, and probably extend through the rest of this allegedly joyous and so-called "holiday season" or whatever, as her new and somehow still totally classic Xmess show, Homo for the Holidays, is set to start momentarily, as you good and damn well know (thrill!). However! Even before that, we have her hosting a fresh new event called Tuck, which has absolutely nothing to do with any holiday whatsoever and everything to do with WALL-TO-WALL DRAG QUEENS. It's a pre-holiday Dragstravaganza! Ben, Jinkx, Mama Tits, Aleksa, Ade, Jackie, the whole House of Charlatan... it's a carnival of frocked cocks, a wall-to-wall wonderland of wigs. You are encouraged to drag-out yourself for the event, in fact, and Jackie and Aleksa will be manning (as it were) MAKEOVER BOOTHS to make your hot mess hotter and/or messier. There will also be a fortune-teller and a kissing booth, so even Satan and the flu virus should be tickled pink. Drag on! Chop Suey, 9 pm, $10/$8 in drag, 21+.

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