When It Rains, It Pours: Queens of the Stone Age former bassist, Nick Oliveri, lays down vocals for a new QOTSA song that is sure to be rippin'. Also more Oliveri news, Kyuss/Kyuss Lives! will now be creating music and touring under a new name, Vista Chino!

Tune in, Cash Out: Dr. Dre cleans up with a landslide $110 million in income for the year, mostly due to the popularity of his headphone line, Beats By Dre headphones, leaving Paul McCartney, Justin Beiber, and Beyonce's millions earned look like chump change.

Calling All Hardcore Enthusiasts: Hydra Head records is winding down which is very, very unfortunate. In hopes of generating funds and raising general excitement, look forward to repressings of choice albums along with crazy deals from the Hydra Head inventory.

I'll Race Ya: A broken foot connected to the leg of Muse's lead singer, Matthew Bellamy causes cancelled shows in Stockholm, Malmo, and Oslo.

Voices Carry: A Michigan teacher is back to work today after a being suspended for playing a Macklemore song, "Same Love" for her middle school class.

Music for the Masses: What would happen if Pandora and Youtube had a baby? Get ready to be mildly blown away with Tubalr where you can customize video playlists, or just let the damn thing run wild.