Hey! How come nobody told me Thin Lizzy was actually any good? Sorry, lots of you guys told me it was "good," but meant "listenable." Plus, ya'll like guitar solos so much, I don't trust you. I'm sorry I didn't believe you, not only did I hold a grudge against them because I didn't like the "Boys Are Back in Town" song AND on top of that I ACTUALLY mixed THAT song up with "The Boys Are Back in Town" by the Bus Boys (from the movie 48 Hours)! My mistake.

Anyway, I heard this coming out of the speakers down the hall and thought, "Why are those buttrockers playing some secret acoustic E.L.O. song with haunting strings that I'D ACTUALLY ENJOY"? and it turned out to be this song.

Good thing I don't work for the always sensational Light in the Attic records, which recently reissued this fantastic record. You can check out the other songs and buy it here.

My bad. Now bust out those weird Bus Boys B-sides.