With the amount of metal, punk and hardcore shows that tour through the Seattle area, it’s a pretty common occurrence to have to choose between several different lineups to figure out your plans for the evening. On Sunday, December 16th, two bands I have yet to see will be playing Seattle on the same day.

In the U-District at the Neptune, Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson will be dawning the dark cloaks as Sunn 0))), their mind-fuckingly-loud drone band that looms drearily outside any real genre. It’s just instruments played at excess volumes for the purpose of massaging your brain for a couple straight hours. Opening for them will be a solid power violence band by the name of Dead in The Dirt. These dudes are angry, straight edge and fast – pretty much the complete opposite of Sunn 0))). The only thing they really have in common with their label mates and headliners is that they’re both loud. Really fucking loud.

Across town at the Showbox SoDo, West Virginia’s pride and joy Lamb Of God will be playing alongside once-awesome Swedes In Flames and a band called Hellyeah. Speaking of Hellyeah, would anyone really care about this band if Vinnie Paul (Pantera) wasn’t the drummer? Just sayin. Talk your shit if need be, but I dig Resolution LoG’s new record, and I would love to see Chris Adler play a drum set live. Dude’s a beast. Sure, they might not be the most tech-deathy, the grindiest or the heaviest, but what Lamb Of God does well is write huge, crunchy yet catchy riffs, waving the flag of American groove metal that Pantera once carried.

My choice: Lamb Of God. While I appreciate a band like Sunn 0))) and what they do for heavy music, it’s just not really my thing. If I were to head to the Neptune, I would be going for Dead In the Dirt.

A couple weeks back, I mentioned that Dying FetusReign Supreme was a shoe-in for a spot in my top 5 this year. To you it might just sound like cookie monster yelling over a constant blast beat, but to me, well, it’s surprisingly catchy, to tell the truth. While it sure doesn’t have a saccharine-coated chorus, there are certain lines, riffs and breakdowns that remain stuck in my head days after jamming this record. Welp, they’re coming back. This time, San Diego deathgrinders Cattle Decapitation will be joining them alongside a couple more insanely brutal bands, Malignancy and Cerebral Bore. There will be no shortage of heinously gorey t-shirts at this show.

Down at the Crocodile on the same night, this next Wednesday (12/12), Corrosion of Conformity will be playing with Saviours and YOB. Saviours don’t really do much for me on record, but I’ve always appreciated their two-ton riffs in the live setting. And YOB? There’s no fucking around when it comes to this power trio of true doom, hailing from Eugene, Oregon. Tune low and play slow.

My choice: Dying Fetus. I dig Corrosion of Conformity, don’t get me wrong, but I really love this Dying Fetus record. The last time they came through, I wasn’t so well acquainted with it.

What are your picks? Am I fucking up? Tell me about it.