(Sunset) Phil Manley has been flamboyantly and understatedly making important American underground rock for nearly 20 years. His guitar and keyboard wizardry has enhanced works by Trans Am, the Fucking Champs, Jonas Reinhardt, and Oneida. Now, after all these years, Manley has gone solo, and the project bore interesting fruit with 2011's Life Coach. On it, Manley lets his kosmische/krautrock proclivities run free through the fatherland's canon of amazing music. He puts his Yankee spin on meditative Popol Vuh–like atmospherics, mid-period Cluster's tranquil propulsion, and Manuel Göttsching and Günter Schickert's spacious guitar calligraphy. Here's hoping Manley brings maniacally funky drummer Jon Theodore along with him, as he did the last time he played Seattle during the Comet's Cock Block Party. See also Sound Check.