So the global superstar rapper Psy said some very unflattering things about the US 8 or so years ago. Now that his rich and famous, now that his video for "Gangnam Style" is about to hit a billion views, he is apologizing for saying those unkind things...

“There was huge sorrow all over the country,” Psy says of that time, when outrage over the U.S. military presence in South Korea was hot and widespread. “Explain and express about the sorrow . . . I thought that’s kind of part of my job . . . But the specific words that I used, it was too much.”

He has more perspective today. He’s since become a husband, a father of twin girls, and has even served in the South Korean military. “After that eight, nine years, I have been changed a lot.”

“If it’s gonna hurt my career or not, that’s not important,” Psy says. “The most important thing is that as a human being, I really, fully regret the using of [those] kinds of words.”

But there is no need for Psy to apologize to America or its government. What's needed instead is an apology from the US for bombing Iraq for no real reason at all. There were no WMD in that country, Saddam Hussein had no connection or connections with 9/11, and the war was illegal. Psy shouldn't be apologizing but pointing out the facts about the war and US militarism.