Neptunes/N.E.R.D./BBC/Qream mogul Pharrell Williams has a new book called Places And Spaces I've Been. The title of the book is the hook of a song very dear to me, Donald Byrd's "Places And Spaces", written and produced by Larry and Fonce Mizell; this song first floored me some years ago during a long morning walk to work at Charlie's At Shilshole, as I stared out at the water—something I've been doing all week. The song has been sampled a grip of times but my favorite is Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "All The Places".

Anyway, a few days ago during Art Basel, Skateboard P was hosting a Q&A about his book, and Kanye West showed up to stroke his Basel real quick: "Pharrell I wanted to ask you...just about y'know, your taste in art, and how you developed such a high taste level and influenced so many people around the world, through y'know, pop culture and music and visuals?"

I love how P ends his answer with "...just like you. Kanye West, everybody!"