I didn't know who Chelsea Wolfe was until I saw that announcement that she is going on tour with King Dude, so I investigated her most current album, Unknown Rooms, and have had it on repeat all week... the whole record is cold and dark and perfect for keeping pace with the 3 hours of daylight I've been awake for these days.

Apparently, the upcoming tour is going to be a stripped-down, seated affair for both King Dude and herself. That's pretty awesome, because I feel so annoyed when I see my friends in more quiet bands, playing at a bar with drunk people breaking glasess and scream-talking over someones set when they've been drinking and CAN'T CONTROL THE VOLUME OF THEIR VOICE. Singer/songwriters, solo, and acoustic acts are not exactly in their element with a crowd that's standing up and loudly intoxicating themselves. It makes me wonder if weed bars will soon pop up and take precedence over alcohol-centric clubs for acoustic acts (maybe if that day comes, drunk yell-talkers will be less the problem, maybe it will actually be the noise of bong-rips getting too loud during sets!) BUT, until that happens, you can see King Dude and Chelsea Wolfe at the Triple Door on January 14th.