Last night's Ty Segall show at Neumos was super! Here is an abbreviated run-down of what happened:

- We missed Night Beats and Sandrider because Oddfellows was so warm. (Pro tip: they also have some kind of s'more tart on the menu right now and YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH MARSHMALLOWS.)

- Neumos was crowded! We walked in right as Ty ripped into "I Bought My Eyes," which is a very good song indeed.


- Navigating through the audience was a little bit of a bummer when a giant football man and his muscle friends made a human jerk wall that could not be penetrated, even with a "can I please get by?" After one of them pushed me, I said "OH YEAH??" and stood on my tiptoes and made the scariest face I could (in retrospect, I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish with this).

- Six seconds into a song, a young man jumped off the stage for some crowd surfing, but was pulled by his feet onto the ground by security guards who escorted him outside.

- Ty stopped playing. "Let that kid back in!" Security came up and whispered something to him. Ty shook his head. "You guys can crowd surf... everyone can crowd surf," and started playing again.

- More people surfed the crowd and no one else got kicked out. Everyone had a swell time.

- I still hate those muscle jerks.