Listen, you couldn't possibly be doing anything more awesome than going to Arabica tonight! Seeing Dancer and Prancer play awesome surf-rock covers of Christmas songs is nothing short of being a Seattle institution. Plus Cinnamon Girl, the world's greatest Neil Young cover band, is opening the show! Drummer Pete "Sticks" Capponi shells out some gossip about Seattle's hottest holiday surf-rockers:

How and when did Dancer and Prancer start?
About 6 years ago Santa asked Ian to put together a band of some real rock n' roll bad boys for the best Christmas band of all time. Naturally, he asked us to be a part of it, and soon after Santa picked us up in the sleigh and took us to the North Pole for rehearsals. Santa still helps guide our creative vision, and gives us input about stuff like the coolest stage moves and the latest Christmas fashions. He’ll say: "Ho Ho Ho!! Gotta keep my boys lookin good! Ho Ho Ho!" Then usually a lot more "Ho Ho Hos" after that.

Tell me about this Arabica show tonight.
It's gonna be a major rager!! We played there a couple years ago and the place was PACKED. During “Here Comes Santa Clause” Santa himself appeared from the bathroom, jumped on the counter, and started crowd surfing! Everyone was losing their minds, especially us! We were stoked because we had all just finished our Christmas lists together right before the show, so we were able to sit on his lap and give them to him in person.

How far in advance do you guys get booked up?
We've got shows booked through 2019 so far. We felt comfortable making the long-term commitment, despite all this mumbo jumbo about the Mayan calendar. We have it on pretty good authority from Santa that all that stuff is a buncha hooey. I mean, who are you gonna listen to: a buncha weirdos who forgot to finish their day planner, or the guy who knows when you've been bad or good and can fly around the world in a sleigh pulled by reindeer in one night? It's a no-brainier if you ask us!

What is Dancer and Prancer's favorite Christmas song?
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" because, well... We do!!

Do you guys have recordings yet??
Yes!! And we're very excited about them! Look for them on our Bandcamp:

Mariah Carey's Christmas album: yes or no?
We officially endorse any and all Christmas songs—except Michael Bolton's record. You just can't polish a turd, man. Even if it’s a Christmas turd.

How does it feel to be in a band made out of Christmas magic?
What's the whole reason we celebrate Christmas? Santa's birthday, of course! Every winter, it's just a kick in the pants celebrating the big guy's special day in the world’s greatest Christmas surf band. For the whole month of December, it feels like we have magic coursing through our veins—but that could also just be the keg of ‘nog we keep on ice in our practice space.