We're raising money for Northwest Harvest this year (as you probably know) and if you've been waiting to donate or have forgotten to donate or have already donated but can spare just a little bit more, here's a great reason to get in the game—we're holding a contest and the winner gets a pair of tickets to the upcoming Shabazz Palaces and THEESatisfaction show at the Neptune!

To enter, just donate to the very great Northwest Harvest. Then when they email you a receipt for your kind donation in any amount, forward it to along with a haiku that shows off just how badass you are—this show is definitely for the badasses out there.

The contest ends at midnight tonight. Donate now! Let's buy some food!

And, speaking of contests, on Saturday Paul gave away a bunch of Girl Genius books to the author of the best steampunk sentence. The winner is Chicago Fan! Read is steampunky prose after the jump.

"Our prospects were not promising, as seemingly everything had gone terribly wrong: Moran's gang had managed to shut down the city's Pneumatic Tube system, stranding us under the River between the State/Lake and Grand stations; our directives for how to extract Mrs. Scrumstoggle from her captors, written in disappearing ink on my newfangled Palimpsest fan-tablet, were fading more rapidly than I could commit them to memory; and finally, Clarissa was wearing not her own prole-leather dog collar, but the one which customarily adorned the stocky neck of Adonis, Constable Heep's Straffordshire Terrier-Beagle mix gin-sniffing dog, much to the poor animal's consternation."