Behold this this Sonny Bonoho-featuring, 10.4 Rog lounger from TH3RDZ (the tandem of Candidt, XP, and JFK), dealing with the Boobiewho phenomenon:

[boo b whos] noun, verb, bobbiewhoing.
1. A person who plays you small until you blow up.
2. Catcher of the vapors.
3. Shallow person.
4. Bandwagoner.
5. Snake in the basket awaiting charming.

Consider yourself brought up to speed.

Sonny is a master of the nonsensical hook just as Candidt is one of minting pimp-uncle slang; hard to say which one of them thought up the title of this song and it's meaning—but I'd guess Candidt, who takes point when it comes to the vibe of TH3RDZ. Also, OBVIOUSLY, his dramatic turn as "Thirsty" is incredible. JFK finally puts to rest any rumors that he and Bonoho are the same person. XP just got off a two month tour with some guy named Macklemore, and is no doubt fully charged from a string of sold-out packed shows, so expect more—such as their long-awaited This, That & TH3RDZ LP—from these three in 2013.