File under "made to offend":

ILLFIGHTYOU (previously) is a crew of Tacoma ruffians: knuckle sandwich artist EvergreenOne—formerly of the group City Hall—producer and sometimes MC Khris P, and the sprrrr-ding, full-clip spit of one Ugly Frank. If you enjoy the over-the-top nihilist menace of early Odd Future sprinkled with a little Schoolboy Q-type bang-bang, these are your guys out of the Northwest right now.

The video sports some straight-up horribly timed weapon-wagging—but there's never really a good time for that, am I right? (Not then, and definitely not any of the other times that kids are killed, all the fucking time. God bless the dead.)

Another note: when picking up your dry cleaning, make sure not to piss off anybody in traffic. It's Ugly. That said, if you care to, ring in your New Year with some ignorance: ILLFIGHTYOU will be live on KEXP's Street Sounds December 30.