(Chop Suey) I've blathered on about Kingdom of the Holy Sun a lot lately (know that they're one of the city's best psych-rock bands), so let's focus on this bill's other acts. Tacoma's Red Hex play rugged, savage garage-sike with raw, shouted vocals that sound like dude needs to get laid real bad (and that's good). Drinking Flowers is such a great name, it almost doesn't matter what the LA band's music sounds like. But, FYI, based on Bandcamp evidence, they play a lo-fi, trebly, reverbed strain of garage rock that sounds like an amped-up Cramps as well as a sludgier, red-eyed psych rock that you can't take home to mother. California's Adult Books run through the Nuggets playbook with studied gusto and come out somewhere between Ty Segall and the Fresh & Onlys.