Pleasure Boat Records, the local electronic-music label run by savvy tastemaker Ian Scot Price, has just made five releases available for free downloading: Crown Hill Repeater’s The Patient Sessions, Vol. 1; Relcad’s Anonymous City and Bike Crush EP; Naturebot’s You and Whose Mother?!~; and Young Silky’s Crub Fnk.

Here are some brief descriptions of what’s on offer. Crown Hill Repeater (Eric Moon and William Collin Snavely) are like those computer geniuses who can transfer their tech-biz skills to the studio; it’s as if all the annoyances and soul-crushing grind of toiling for a silicon-centric corporation get channeled into discombobulating, otherworldly abstract techno pieces and desolate ambient excursions. (They call their music “analog drum synthesizer free jazz,” and that trips off the tongue sweetly.) The four tracks on The Patient Sessions, Vol. 1 remind me of some of the more otherworldly output coming from labels like Warp, Rephlex, and Soleilmoon in the ’90s.

Relcad’s Bike Crush EP features the title track and three remixes of same. The original’s a torrid, turbulent techno track that takes occasional breathers for dramatic effect. The uptempo propulsion and triumphantly ascendant bass line make you feel as if you’re leading the pack in the Tour De France, and Kraftwerk’s eating your dust. The “3AM Ride Home” version is the darkly angelic, ambient winner among the remixes. I wrote about Relcad’s Anonymous City full-length in this week’s Data Breaker. It’s clear to me that few techno producers in the Northwest are combining irrepressible and oddly accented 4/4 rhythms, understatedly beautiful melodies, and darkly brilliant and surprising tonal coloration like Relcad (Alex Duff). “Populist Screed” is the chaotic club anthem of your my dreams. Price describes Anonymous City as “the sound of Dieter Moebius throwing down with Jeff Mills,” and if that doesn’t get your brain throbbing at 144 bpm, you may be need a doctor. The time’s overdue for Relcad to start getting on some major bills and garnering recognition beyond Seattle (hell, outside of The Stranger would be a nice start).

You and Whose Mother?!~ is Naturebot (Mr. Price) flexing his acid-house muscles in preparation for the cutest damn desert rave you ever missed. Naturebot’s Rephlex Records/IDM-slanted rhythmic complexity and squelchy synth textures remain as inventive as ever, but they’re put in service of making you sweat out a month’s worth of poisons. Young Silky—who’s a protégé of Naturebot—is a rising R&B stud who shows he’s not afraid to flaunt his vulnerable side on the Crub Fnk EP. Local producers Retic, PotatoFinger, and Your City Sleeps contribute, respectively, self-explanatory “Gyrating Swagger,” “Triple-Sifted Blissstep,” and “Glo-Fi Glass” remixes to “Crub Fnk.” Young Silky’s originals fall somewhere among the works of Jamie Lidell, Jimmy Edgar, and James Blake, and they’ll make your jimbrowski salute their romantically lurid aura.

Download freely and listen expensively to all of these PBR releases here.