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  • Warp Records
  • Album cover with star Toby Jones
Thanks to a tip from Andrew Bishop, I've been listening to the new Broadcast album on an endless loop via NPR's First Listen. You can, too, at this link.

According to the text that accompanies the stream, Trish Keenan was working on the score to James Strickland's Berberian Sound Studio with her partner, James Cargill, at the time of her death in 2011.

Cargill has promised more Broadcast music to come, constructed from out of the four-track tapes she left behind, but this will definitely do for now.

And it doesn't really matter whether you've seen the film yet or not (it's scheduled to open in the US later this year)—though it does probably help if you also enjoyed Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, the imaginary 2009 soundtrack Broadcast composed in conjunction with Julian House's Focus Group.

With Berberian, the duo conjures up spine-tingling chills for the tale of a UK sound engineer going mad while working on a giallo in Italy. Sounds like a cross between Dario Argento's Suspiria, Nicholas Roeg's Don't Look Now, and Michelangelo Antonioni's Blow-Up, and I'm all over that. Check out the trailer below.

Warp releases Broadcast's score to Berberian Sound Studio on Jan 15.