Friday's Vermillion show, featuring Wasted USA, Pony Time, Constant Lovers, and Mtns was something else. I haven't seen music at Vermilion in a bit, and watching bands there is a welcome change of pace. The front gallery had a few tables set up for beer time chit chat, making for a nice "in between" area before diving into the show guts in the back.

Really profesh photo of Mtns.
  • Really profesh photo of Mtns.

Wasted USA was first (a member of everyone's favorite, Tit Pig, created this band - y'all remember Tit Pig, right?). I missed most of their set trying to deal with a bathroom line, followed by a bar line, followed by a desperate QFC run, but I heard rave reviews from those who had full drinks and empty bladders when they started.

For Pony Time, I stood on a bench, but was still too short and could still only see the top of bassist Luke Beetham's hair, flopping to the beat. I'm digging PT's new songs and the whole set sounded more aggressive than usual, but still perfectly catchy. The crowd was wild for it, as well.

Constant Lovers were great—keeping the LOUD theme of the night, they played choppy and dissonant numbers while people flailed in the front row. I tried to gently elbow my way up there to get a better look, but found only an impenetrable wall of goons.

I managed to get to the front plus (front plus = the place roughly in between sitting on the drummer's lap and cuddling the PA) during the last set of the evening, the much anticipated Mtns. I filled my ears with a set of rubbery plugs that I think are supposed to be "fancy" and for "hearing all the sound levels equally approved by Guitar Center," but maybe not ideal for when you're speaker cuddling. I was happy to lose whatever hearing I have left, completely immersed in the organ-shaking waves of noise. I was surprised at how easily I recognized the songs. It was clammy to the point of indoor fog. Mtns was in their underwear. I wished we could all be.

At one point, a dudely looking button-up guy turned to me and enthusiastically tried to tell me something. I took out an ear plug out so he could point at Mtns and say "they just moved in across the hall from me." Color me impressed!