(Vermillion) If you name your musical project after the goddess of "magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy," as Seattle's Hekate did, you'd best deliver some proper sonic darkness. The one show by Hekate (led by Thousand Statues' Micaela Tobin and Moths' Ambrosia Bartosek) I've seen didn't quite live up to their self-proclaimed status as "femme fatale stoner doom" (excellent term, by the way), but there is potential here for something moodily mystical and primally paganistic. Local quartet Two White Opals—who feature the guitar and mandolin playing of Leigh Stone and Cody Burns—conjure an atmosphere of beautiful melancholy through their subtly stormy rock. Also, let it be known that DJs Jermaine and Domenica (the latter of Hollow Earth Radio) have very good, esoteric musical taste that encompasses a lot of styles to stimulate the mind and body.