I loved Brenden Kiley's story about Ted Narcotic from a few weeks ago, not having realized the extent of the Ted Narcotic empire: over 14,000 of his CDs distributed in the last few years (!). Come to think of it, every single one of my friends has discovered him independently and we all realized that we had one of his CDs at home that we listened to after our 2am cab ride home. Ted's unabashed confidence in his music is kind of refreshing; no one I've ever met is quite so full of pride in sharing their art, and his art (plus his cab distribution system) is pretty incredible.

Something about his music also reminds me of Jonathan Richman—all nasally voice and whimsical delivery. I think my favorite Ted Narcotic song is "Because I Like To Do Nice Things For You," in which the song's protagonist weaves a dark tale of misguided obsession:

I also very much enjoyed and "420 on the 520", which, to me, seems like the perfect cab driver theme song. If you ever manage to luck out by taking one of his cabs, make sure you grab one or two or three of his cds, you might find a gem for a mixtape on one of them.

What's your favorite Ted Narcotic song? "I'll Smoke Crack To Get You Back"? Or "I'll Be Your Dog (If You Be My Cat)" perhaps? They are all available to at Ted's Soundcloud page.