(Crocodile) Prism Tats is the delightfully lo-fi solo project of ex–Koko and the Sweetmeats frontman G. Vandercrimp (whose name may sound like an English oil tycoon, but he's actually a Seattleite by way of South Africa and probably not a billionaire yet). Prism Tats' first batch of songs is fuzzy and catchy, featuring Vandercrimp's sweet singing voice floating over layers of reverb. The music's less bluesy than Koko's, and I think the more minimal sound suits my ear better and seems more... intimate. Is that weird? I feel like I just pulled an unsolicited first-date hand-holding move by typing that word. Also playing are the Thrasholes (Gig Harbor garage pop), Dungeon Science (Tacoma soul rock), and the Balloons (a duo whose Bandcamp tags include '60s, rock, country, jumanji, and pop).