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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bonded By Blood: Positively Negative

Posted by on Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 3:32 PM

There’s nothing like a terrible hardcore video to wake you up in the morning. The workout from the belly laughs that Chicago thug-core “band” Warhound provide in their video for “Next Level Demonstration,” is enough to make me consider cancelling my gym membership altogether. I get it. Y’all wanna sound like Merauder or Biohazard and are tryin’ realllllll hard for that whole grimey A$AP Rocky hiphop vibe in the video, but they key word here is tryin'. Sorry dudes, there’s nothing hard about spliced-in clips of pre-practiced kung-fu mosh. Aside from that, the half-raps here are one step away from Limp Bizkit status and the chugga chug riffs are laughable at best. I’m anticipating a “hardcore” cover of “Coke and White Bitches” any day now.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s look at a few things to actually look forward to in the next couple weeks. Tonight at the Black Lodge, Italian band Raein are playing alongside BirdBrain, Hazel’s Wart and Seattle’s own Mercy Ties. Raein play screamo, but don’t let that scare you away. I’m not talking Underoath/My Chemical Romance/Warped Tour here, I’m talking true, Revolution Summer/Rites Of Spring/Moss Icon. Y’know, the real shit.

On Sunday, I’ll be making a quick trek down to DIY venue The Red Room in Tacoma to catch one of my favorite current Northwest hardcore bands, Dead Weight. Picture a more “Oi!” influenced version of Sick Of It All and you’ve got a good idea of what to expect. Portland band Unrestrained will be opening up, bringing their 90’s-centric hardcore sound and fleshly-cut pompadours that look straight out of “The Edge Of Quarrel.” More after the jump!

If “old school hardcore” isn’t really your thing, tech-death geniuses Fallujah will be headlining a set at Studio Seven Sunday night. I promise there will be enough guitar sweeps and overall shred wizardry to keep even the most skilled of guitar players intrigued.

Speaking of “old school hardcore,” by midnight next Tuesday, we will know the first of three groups of bands confirmed to play this year’s Rain Fest. It will be the Fest’s seventh year in existence and it’s third being held at Neumo’s. In the past couple years, the level of bands that organizers Matt Weltner, Zack Ellis and Brian Skiffington have booked has escalated to the point where I have no idea what to expect. Last year, the combination of H20 and The Cro-Mags had me smiling ear to ear as they screamed along and elbow-dropped (R.I.P Macho Man) a few unlucky friends from the stage. And that was only the first night (out of three). The only expectation I have at this point is that it will be the best weekend of the year, hands down. I’ll do my best to forget that Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Venom and a shitload of other awesome metal, crust and hardcore bands are playing across the country for the 11th annual Maryland Death Fest. I could really use a clone right about now.


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