The Pretty Things as a HUGE and IMPORTANT '60s beat/R&B group should be obvious to anyone who has ever given the slightest shit stain about ROCK and/or ROLL, and their importance and influence on garage rock can't ever be overstated. Guitarist/founder Dick Taylor quit the Rolling Stones so he could form this band, his band. Here they are with one of their unfuckwithable single sides, from 1966.

This track WAS written by American soul singer JJ Jackson while visiting the UK; dig his version, it's from 1967. It's not as heavy, obvs, but plays as a killer soul dance track rather than a bludgeoning English R&B jam. There has been some record-nerd chatter that Jackson recorded two versions of this track, one for the UK label Strike and one for the US, on Loma, but having heard both, I can't tell any difference.