Did we talk about this already? I don't think we talked about this. Last week local Raider Klan rep Key Nyata snuck us a single from his upcoming mixtape The Shadowed Diamondvia his twitter, which popped up shortly thereafter on the dependable Portland based FrshSlcts website.

Key Gawd's principle talent (besides his rap-ability) lies in bending and bruising beats to match his blurred master vision. He keeps it slowed up and throwed up on "Thx Gardxxn", and the more he produces, the closer he comes to tapping his inner DJ Screw. He's working hard at turning that tempo dial into an instrument all his own, and on this track he transforms those ostensibly simple tempo changes into goddamn works of art.

If you're not all up round on last years release Two Phonkey already, download that to tide you over until The Shadowed Diamond shines, and pay particular attention between tracks 3 and 6, because, like I said on my other blog (that it's painfully obvious none of you tasteless dilletantes are reading):

"It’s audio acapulco gold from “Pitch Blvck” through “Blvck Mvnsixn” to “Bring Me The $$”. I’m sure he knows it, but you may not. This is the best distillation of 80s sex rap and chopped and screwed hip hop ever. Think Too Short and 2LiveCrew meet UGK and DJ Screw."